Spring Select Baseball

Canes NTX-East spring baseball program is it’s bread and butter and we believe that no one does it better. Our spring program mixes a heavy dose of game play with a strong practice and development schedule to immerse all of our teams in to the most competitive and development based baseball environment in North Texas.  Basic highlights of our spring program are as follows:

  • Smaller rosters for maximum playing time and game reps. Rosters are constructed specific to the teams age to balance development and prevent player fatigue through the course of the season.
  • Heavy practice schedule focused on maximum reps and maximum instruction time for all teams.
  • Travel for teams is based on age and team performance. Younger teams will play exclusively in the DFW area while older teams may travel to regional and national level events through out the course of the season.
  • League play in addition to weekend tournaments for our younger Canes teams.
  • Teams will spend time in individual classes with instructors focused on hitting, pitching and fitness in addition to team practices.



Tryouts for Canes spring teams occur in November and December with teams beginning to practice in late January. Most teams will begin game play in late February. Teams will complete playing in June or early July. While each spring team is scheduled slightly different, the goal of each team is to play 40-50 games through the course of 9-12 tournaments and/or league play.

The tryout registration button below will allow you to send your players information to our organization if you’re interested in having your player tryout for a Canes NTX-East team.